It’s Time To Consign

“Life’s too short to wear boring clothes”. I don’t know who said that, but somebody did and they are correct. But, you know what? Life’s also too short to wear expensive clothes. I mean, seriously, what is the point?

Consignment is something I was not too familiar with until my oldest daughter reached the age of two. Maybe it was because she was my first child and no first-time mom puts used clothes on their first-born, especially when they are a newborn, right? Wrong. Old is the new, did you know that? You do now.

Buying consignment has always been somewhat popular, but it’s popularity has increased as of late and people are enjoying the ability to buy consignment clothing via local boutiques or the online resale marketplace.

Here is a list of the best online consignment retailers:




Here is a list of the best consignment stores which have at least a few locations across the US:

Once Upon A Child 

Rewind/Rewind Couture


Plato’s Closet

2nd Time Around

I shop consignment for my children and for myself. I honestly really dread when I have to step into a mall or department store these days and pay full, or even their “clearance” price, when I can pay half, or even less than that supposed clearance price, at a consignment boutique. I also enjoy the search of finding unique pieces and creating outfits based on unique separates.

Here are some of the other main reasons you should head to your local resale store to shop consignment:

— It is fun.

— You can get clothing for your different-aged children all in the same store.

— Inventory changes on a daily basis.

— You get introduced to brands and designers that you may have not sought out on your own.

— The affordability of it. You definitely get “bang for your buck”. 

— You can trade in your old clothes to off-set the cost of your purchases.

— You are exemplifying to your kids the importance of clothing recycling.

— You are helping the community and other moms, just like yourself.

— Kids grow so fast and will fit into something one day and not the next. Additionally, their clothing preferences and style choices change often — with shopping consignment, it will be easier for you to keep up with the trends they are enjoying. 

I’m not saying that shopping consignment doesn’t have cons to it, because it does. What are the negatives about shopping clothing on resale? I’ll share with you a few:

— Sometimes you just can’t find what you need. Need an outfit with the number “2” on it for your daughter’s second birthday…well, you may not find it when you need it. Or, you are looking for the perfect lilac dress for an upcoming wedding…you may not find that either. If you need something super-specific, it may be that you have to hit up the mall, a specialty store, or even Etsy.

— Shopping consignment requires patience and time. If you don’t have one or both, then resale shopping may not be for you.

— You may have to deal with long wait times and check-out lines. One tip to avoid those long lines is to get to the store/boutique right when they open.

Overall, I much prefer shopping consignment then venturing into a mall on any given day. If you’d like, you can visit my Poshmark closet for women by clicking here and my kid’s closet by clicking here.



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  1. I agree! Once I had #2 & became a SAHM, we had to watch our $. So, used was the way to go. And I’m the same w/ having to buy brand new, it hurts me to pay $10-$20 on myself for a shirt when I could pay $3 at consignment. #savemoney

    • Thank you for your comment Amanda! My problem I run into is I always leave spending way more than I wanted to because I am like “wow, this is so great, only $2 for a shirt” — but then I buy twenty of them lol. #consignmentproblems 🙂

  2. I agree 100%! Kids grow out of the clothes so fast, it is crazy to pay full price for their clothes. In my town we have an awesome kids consignment store with all brand name stuff in excellent condition, I’ve scored so many great deals there for my 4 little ones! 👍

    • Thank you so much for your comment, Caitlin! I just visited your website and I love it! I subscribed! 🙂

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