Daddy…Can You Hear Me?

Disclaimer: I was hesitant to do a Father’s Day post about my own father this year, but figured I would write one out, for my own form of therapy, and then decide later if I wanted to publish it. I choose that it is important for his story to live on and for his legacy to be celebrated and admired. So here it goes..

Dear Dad,

How are you? I miss you! I know you miss me too! Have you been keeping up with all that has been happening? Yep. I figured. I figured you have been watching — all eyes and all ears. You’re proud? Oh, thank you Daddy! It is so amazing to know that you have respect and fondness for how I am raising my family and how I am living my life. One thing you taught me, that I will never forget, is that I can do and be anything in this world and that I will make my dreams happen. 

Having a father who believes in you — in all facets of you — is such an amazing blessing and treat. To be raised by someone who thinks the world of you, holds you and your accomplishments so high up on a pedestal — that is a rare, but exceptional type of parental love. Through your voiced beliefs to me, about me, and my being independently capable of all things — I have become the woman who I am today. And, because you chose to marry and make children with such a beautiful, selfless, compassionate woman, I am blessed to have this intelligent and warm-hearted mother, to travel with, on this life journey.

Dad, I choose to live like you are still right here next to me. You know why? Because you are. I know in my deepest heart of hearts that you are watching me, and the whole family, each and every minute of every single day. I will continue to live my life in a way that makes me proud and in a way that I know is making you proud.

I am proud that you are my father and I love you each and every minute of every single day. Happy Father’s Day Dad!

Love, Nic

** If you want to read more about my father and the teachings he provided for me, then check out Today’s the Day: Life Lessons from a Wall Street Trader.



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