Expressing GRATEFULNESS on this Father’s Day

Father’s Day is not just a day to celebrate my own father, but is also for giving recognition, and showing appreciation to, the amazing man who I married and had three children with.

When you first start dating someone, typically you are not looking that far into your future. In the beginning, what usually matters most is your physical and intellectual connection, your friendship and your commonalities. It is only after being together for an extended period of time, that couples typically start looking towards their independent and mutual goals for the future.

Finding a partner, that has the same hopes and dreams as you do, is amazing. Finding a partner, who exceeds any and all expectations that you had of, and for them, well that is just astonishing. And, that is what you have done for me, my hubby.

Not every man is a good father. Not ever father is a great dad. But, you, sir, are the most caring, selfless, engaging, funny, and loving person I know — towards our children and towards me — and, for that, I will forever be grateful to you.

** For the fact that our children get to grow up and learn side-by-side, from a man who believes and cares about his children and his family, even more than himself…I am grateful.

** For the fact that our children have smiles, extended from cheek to cheek, on their face, each and every day, because of how you treat them…I am grateful.

** For the fact that I get to hear our children laugh, from the gut, multiple times a day, because of something funny you said or a silly face you made…I am grateful.

** For the fact that our children are strong-willed and believe they are powerful, all because you have convinced them of such…I am grateful.

** For the fact that we are on this parenting journey together, tackling it as a team, to the best of our ability…I am grateful.

Honey, I am grateful to you each and every day, including today. Happy Father’s Day. You truly are the best and we love you.

Feel the same way about the father of your children? Share this post with him and let him know.

Happy Father’s Day to each and every father out there, as well as to every man who supports another person in this life!


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