Hi! I’m Nicole! I am a wife, momma, self-proclaimed writer, fashion lover, hug dealer, wannabe-trendsetter  and pinterest-failer, living in Tampa, Florida. I live with my hubby of 8 years and our three amazing little children, Payton (5), Weston (3), and Harper (1). I love to write and I also sell new and gently-used clothes on Poshmark.

jthreeNMe is a peek into our family’s real life and a place where I happily share and talk about the things I love – my husband, my children, kindness, education, vacations, self-help books, entertainment/activities, date nights, coffee, wine, etc. I love to share tidbits about my unique parenting style, my love of fashion , DIY projects for the home and crafts for the kiddies. With no hesitation, I am committed to share honest, personal stories about my triumphs and challenges as a woman and a mom.


More about me…

I was born in Brooklyn, NY, but grew up in Tampa, FL. I then went to college just outside of Boston in Easton, MA.  In 2008, I graduated with a Degree in Criminology and Psychology and got married. After receiving my undergrad degrees, I attended Law School at Saint Thomas Law School in Miami Gardens, FL. After one full semester, I made the decision to stop pursuing my Juris Doctorate degree and we moved to Virginia, where I worked in Therapeutic Foster Care as a Case Manager and as a Domestic Legal Assistant to a prominent VA Attorney. The birth of my daughter scrapped my plans to continue down the  stressful job path and it turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to us! 9 years later, two more kids and a move back to Florida has given us this messy, but beautiful and blessed life we have today.

The honest (and maybe some embarrassing) stuff:

– I am extreme worrier. I get anxiety over absolutely nothing.

– I’m a perfectionist when it comes to my children and my reputation, but keep a pretty messy closet and kitchen drawers.

– I have a hard time saying sorry, but only to my husband. I can be pretty feisty and opinionated, but won’t usually be that way with anyone else.

– I never put the tupperware away neatly and I always am leaving clothes in the washer and dryer.

– When I do something, it is always at 100% — I’m either all in or not at all.

– I have been known to send a simple text message in about 4 separate texts, driving my loved ones crazy.

– I am easily embarrassed.

– I come off as confident in social situations, but am usually uncomfortable and nervous.

– I always have to eat something after I put the kids to bed.

– I am ran my first (and only) 5k in 2016.

– My greatest joy comes from seeing my kids laugh together.

– I have a soft spot for teddy bears.

– I love to vacuum, but hate cooking and doing the dishes.

– I try to only shop consignment for myself and the kids.

– I have a passion for finding unique, rustic pieces for my home.

– My husband and I are itching to take a Europe trip.

– My family is and ALWAYS will be EVERYTHING to me.

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